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Our goal is to assist people achieve their goals and dreams through self acceptance and acceptance of all differnt walks of life.

Foggy Waters

About Me

Passionate Life Coach

I've been there—in that place of hopelessness and despair—waiting for something to get better. Waiting for an answer. I felt helpless many times during my adult life.
I never felt 100% at ease in any job, even though I could do the job well. Marketing, public relations, communications, editing, writing, non-profit, corporate and government—you name it, I did it. I spent nearly 20 years job hopping, eager to find contentment. Each time I thought that I'd found the right path, I was wrong.
I'd tell myself, "Every job has bullshit, I just need to roll with it." In truth, all I felt was trapped and sad. I was in survival mode many times. High-stress, fast-paced jobs made me feel trapped and they were the catalysts for a big breakdown. After a month of crying before work, crying on the way to work and dreading Sunday nights, I had a meltdown. I spent three days in a stress facility. The jig was up.
After three months of serious soul searching, I emerged as a new person—ready to be real, open and present. It was time to be honest, accountable, make a big decision and take action. I knew I couldn't go back to the corporate world. I wanted to help people who had been through the same thing as me—and man, there are A LOT of us! I became a life coach and it's been a time of joy and unconditional support. 
Whether you're looking for more stability in life, broadening your intellect, overcoming emotional blocks, rediscovering your passions, or connecting with your spiritual side, I'm here to help. We’re partners. I absolutely believe you have the answers. Together we'll brighten the colors of your life by uncovering who you really are, accepting that person and creating an action plan.